pondělí 30. prosince 2013

úterý 10. prosince 2013

New designs

Hi, look at new designs. I'm trying to expand variability of my interest and portfolio. It means more cahracters, vehicles and props sketches.... Hope you like it :)

úterý 26. listopadu 2013

Various designs and studies

Hi, this time I have been working on various cahracter designs, costume and transportation as well. But some of them are little bit older. And I am also showing studies, so enjoy all of that :]

úterý 19. listopadu 2013

Distorted reality matte paintings

Hi, I would like to show you three matte paintings what I did for new snowboard movie Distorted reality. You can see 3 crazy ideas used like introduction of 3 riders. The postproduction and animation was done in Prague vfx studio Achtung 4k.
 The movie itself is really beautiful, take a look and enjoy :]


neděle 10. listopadu 2013

New environments and some vehicles

Hi, I would like to show you some new images. As you can see my passion for futuristic environments continue but at the same time I am trying to develop some transportation design as well. But more and better I will post in the future I hope. So enjoy these :)

pondělí 28. října 2013

FZD subscriber contest prices

Hi, finally I've won second place at the FZD contest. So I want to thanks everybody for your support. Take a look at prizes shipped from Singapore recently. It is a signed book with Feng's works and his students as well called FZD Foundation 01, very nice. And also I've got a paper with original Feng's sketches, so thank you so much Feng. :)


úterý 22. října 2013

New images

Hi, I would like to show you some new images. It contais utopic cities, classic sci-fi stuff and also one image from Next nature environment where construction manipulating nature... As you can see I have to concentrate on transportaion design more and medieval kind stuff as well, because the castle isn't looks good. I hope you will enjoy it  :)

neděle 20. října 2013

Designblok 2013

Hi, I want to appreciate great exhibitions on the recent Designblok action. This Prague event has given me various inspirations and points of view of topical design scene. You could see many approaches of product design came from furniture to car design and many of them were really concept art like.
I'm sending here some photos of things which had great impact on my imagenation. And also I have to mention the Škoda exhibition where I've got great information about car deisgn industry itself from their designers. And they had Cintiq on the place so I tried to do quick sketch of car as you can see on one photo... I need more training with this topic :D
 It was great I'm looking for new year.