pondělí 30. března 2015

White transhuman

This is another one transhumanic character which depicts how we can change our appearance through genetic modifications. My brother has told me it gives his some kind of uncanny valley feel. It means you can feel nervous when it is close to the human, but not exactly human. Maybe It is the feeling what many of us experience when we thinking about our future.

čtvrtek 26. března 2015

Pink trashuman

The idea was to ask question about this character gender and origin - like in the transgender people. 
And the anatomy can give as estimation, how we can transform our look in the future by the genetic modifications. I hope you like it :)

neděle 1. března 2015

Interview on vizualniefekty.cz

Interview about me - my work and concept art - unfortunately only in czech... But I really thanks to vizualniefekty.cz for that - it has been pleasure grin emoticon