sobota 31. srpna 2013

Hi, I'm sending for you dark images this time :] These are some quick sketches what I have done for me and my brother Andrew. We are thinking about some scary project from the woods :D
And then there is some animal anatomy study as well. Have a nice day :)

pátek 23. srpna 2013

This post contains anatomical study of anatomy model, space opera like game character called Shell mechanist and architectonic fantasy Blue building. I hope you will like it.

úterý 20. srpna 2013

The Congress

Hi, today I was in cinema on the new movie from director Ari Folman. I want to recommend this show in my blog, because it is worth it to see.
 The story deals with many questions with coming new era of filmaking and vfx - cgi imaginary. The main character get into a situation where the studio wants to scan her and by this process separate her silver screen identity from herselve. For sure it is not objective rather romantic view on cgi process inside movies, but it's fun :]. For example, Paul Debevec's light dome play here role like kind of hell machine which can capture all entire emotional and physical activity from actor :D Nice stylization, but who knows when it will be possible!
 But movie goes much further and it is fascinating and surrealistic image of the future. 
Film is half feature and half animation, and it looks like studios from all over the world have worked on that. To poduce non mainstream animation feature has to be miracle itself so go to the cinema to support it and get some inspiration. 

pondělí 19. srpna 2013

I love monumental space and architecture which you can depict by image of future city. It gives me freedom of imagination inside rules of our visible reality. I want to explore more this topic. Here I am sending my new  attempt for this quest. I hope you like it.

neděle 18. srpna 2013

Various studies

I would like to share my studies and sketches in this blog. So here you can see various of them what I have done recently. Enjoy it.

úterý 13. srpna 2013

I did new image which is concept of fantasy energy source based on some special crystal and underground lava heating system. Enjoy it!

pondělí 12. srpna 2013

Hi. I have been  interesting in nano technology during this year. And I'm still reading book about it called Engines of creation by K. Eric Drexler. This topic is surely fascinatig. I have realized nanobots can work automatically and on the natural principles. Drexlex says they can build almost anything from soil and sun shine. So I've created some images where the nanobots used to building architecture went crazy and started to  treat with the natural stuff by their rules. The result could be surrealistic and chaotic environment.  Everytime something goes wrong :]
I hope will do more images from this post-nano world, Enjoy.

neděle 11. srpna 2013

I'm sending some designs what I was working on. All of them are freestyle just for practise of my imagenation and creativity. I hope you will like it.

sobota 3. srpna 2013

Egypt studies

I have great encyclopedia of architecture history with many useful and interesting drawings. I have decidet to make some studies in line work style from Egyptian period.

Here I am sending rough  speed studies. Each one was painted around 10 minutes for practise of speed.
The sources comes from various places like National Geographic photos or documentaries what I was warching... The goal was capture the major image construction and masses in the short time.'

Hi, I have started this blog to share my effort for better understanding of inlustrational work.
Firtly I would like to post some of these sketches and studie from past. Enjoy it! 
Here I was studying some modern architectural icons.