úterý 29. března 2016

Gathered Compilation

Recently I've done batch of time lapse videos. I was wondering it would be nice to make little compilation for tracking my progress and sharing the creative process with others. So here is it - Enjoy the video! :)

Check the works on Tumblr > http://javoraj.tumblr.com/

čtvrtek 24. března 2016

úterý 15. března 2016

Figure studies

Study, study, study - now, I have to improve my figure skills - I've never really focused on it - so I have to study hard... I hope my enthusiasm won't disappear soon - check the time lapse! :) 

pondělí 7. března 2016

Sea studies timelapses

My friend ask me to paint her like an under sea alien creature. Because she likes beautiful aliens like me :D  So I studying sea creatures - transparent materials etc... it's hard to paint for me... but I would like to plan before final as much as I can.