úterý 7. ledna 2014

Sand rider

Hi, I was working on this personal project recently. Because I have to practise more characters and creatures I have created this one and tried to be little more different in style. I have done some sketches by markers and then rough 3d model in Zbrush. Finally I have enhanced and reapinted this model in Photoshop. Did you know that in Zb you can do something called rigging? I dind't know that it is cool feature, so I have tried it and create rough walcycle to check the anatomy of the ''bird-horse''. Enjoy that :]

neděle 5. ledna 2014

A.O.D. images

Hi, this time I would like to post some older images from indie project called Age of defenders. It is internet game base on tower defence  scheme, but it offering new dimension of this type of gaming. Don't forget to try it here:  http://www.ageofdefenders.com/