úterý 26. listopadu 2013

Various designs and studies

Hi, this time I have been working on various cahracter designs, costume and transportation as well. But some of them are little bit older. And I am also showing studies, so enjoy all of that :]

úterý 19. listopadu 2013

Distorted reality matte paintings

Hi, I would like to show you three matte paintings what I did for new snowboard movie Distorted reality. You can see 3 crazy ideas used like introduction of 3 riders. The postproduction and animation was done in Prague vfx studio Achtung 4k.
 The movie itself is really beautiful, take a look and enjoy :]


neděle 10. listopadu 2013

New environments and some vehicles

Hi, I would like to show you some new images. As you can see my passion for futuristic environments continue but at the same time I am trying to develop some transportation design as well. But more and better I will post in the future I hope. So enjoy these :)