úterý 21. července 2015

pondělí 1. června 2015

White hair - character design

This is my new image and animation - motion concept art. I have tried to make live this alien lady and here is the result. Thanks very much to Alice for being a model, actress and motion reference. Enjoy! :)

pondělí 25. května 2015

Moving concept arts and fluids

This is the motion concept arts what I have done for great team of scientists  in computer graphic field. They developed new fluid methods for Adobe and this shots  shows applications of their research in motion graphics.

 Thanks to amazing artist Rael Lyra for beeing an actor for this :D

středa 20. května 2015

Moved to Canada!

I have moved to Canada recently to joint the great team of artists in 
famous concept art studio Volta.There are all amazing people - designers 
and illustrators from over the world like Rael Lyra, Arhaud Pheu, Faraz 
Shanyar, Florin Bostan... I am really amazed to be a part of the team and have  agreat opportunity to teach from their skilled work. Check all these authors they are really inspirational :)

pondělí 30. března 2015

White transhuman

This is another one transhumanic character which depicts how we can change our appearance through genetic modifications. My brother has told me it gives his some kind of uncanny valley feel. It means you can feel nervous when it is close to the human, but not exactly human. Maybe It is the feeling what many of us experience when we thinking about our future.

čtvrtek 26. března 2015

Pink trashuman

The idea was to ask question about this character gender and origin - like in the transgender people. 
And the anatomy can give as estimation, how we can transform our look in the future by the genetic modifications. I hope you like it :)

neděle 1. března 2015

Interview on vizualniefekty.cz

Interview about me - my work and concept art - unfortunately only in czech... But I really thanks to vizualniefekty.cz for that - it has been pleasure grin emoticon


sobota 21. února 2015

Jewellery concepts

Hello, I did some sci-fi jewellery designs recently. I hope you like it. These ideas are for fun, practice and research purposes and I hope I will explore more jewellery concepts in the future :)