pondělí 30. září 2013

FZD design cinema contest

Hi, I have made video for FZD design cinema contest and here you can watch it. Design cinema channel is still big inspiration for me and Feng Zhu is one of the most influential person in the bussiness. So I had to do something to appreciate his skill and open approach for the community. This little video also describes my opinions of concept art itself and why is important for me. I also sending some sketches of temple what I was working on for the video. So watch this and enjoy!

BTW: Be aware of youtube, because I had problems with duration of the video after upload. Originally it has 2:59 minutes but after  upload it had 3:01 and contest rules are: maximal video duration is 3 minutes. So to keep URL I had to use youtube video editor and because it is not precise tool, final second video is missing. But it contains just: Bye. So, sorry for that and enjoy as well :]

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