čtvrtek 29. března 2018

Future city visualization designed and directed by kids!

I've been invited like artist with painter Markéta Kolářová by Creative partnership program to make a project with children from local elementary school. The subject was concept art - model making and animation of the ideal future city.
We have visited game history exhibition with class and brainstorm the ideas about design and story. Markéta was the main person in the process working with kids several months and helping them to fulfill their collective vision. And the result is fenomenal model of the place! Every building has a specific function and name.
After the model was done, kids directed me to create the virtual presentation of it in animation. The both pieces were presented on exhibition with families and guests.

It was a huge success!

We loved to teach the children whole process from concept design to realization. And we're giving big thanks to teachers, coordinators and Creative partnership!

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